The first step in estimating the amount of decking material you need is to measure the area of the deck. You can do this by multiplying the length by the width of the deck boards and then multiplying by two to get the square meters. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may have to add a little extra to account for waste, offcuts, and mistakes made while installing the decking. Then, use a deck calculator to determine how many boards you’ll need to complete the deck. It will give you an accurate estimate of how much decking you’ll need based on the square footage of your deck. You also need to consider the number of stairs you’ll have. Professional contractors calculate decking materials. This way, they can avoid buying extra material or boards that won’t be used in the project.

After the intense volatility of the past few years, the building industry may be leveling out. You can also choose from a variety of composite decking options, which are similar to pressure-treated lumber.  You’ll also need joists, the primary framing elements of your floor system. These run off the ledger and sit inside the rim joists. Your deck drawings should specify the size and number of posts. For example, a four-foot expansive deck may require six-foot-long posts. Once you’ve got the joists and the piers, you can build the deck’s frame. Posts are made of four or six-inch lumber and attach the beams to them. They support the joists and ledger. These pieces will support the deck’s weight and are crucial for the deck’s structure. The best way to estimate the amount of decking you’ll need is to make a detailed deck design drawing and submit it to the local building department. In addition to the size and number of joists, the deck footing and piers should also be specified. Lastly, it would be best if you had a detailed estimate of how long your posts and beams should be.

If you’re planning a large deck, you’ll want to buy boards of 12 feet or more. It will leave you with a little extra decking. Remember that this is also the face of your yard, so you want to ensure you get all the materials. Use a deck calculator to help you figure out how much decking you’ll need, and you’ll save a few dollars in the process. Deck boards are not exactly 6 inches wide because the edges have been trimmed. Also, they are not cut squarely, so if you have boards that are slightly longer than you need, make sure you allow for the extra for trimming. It would be best if you also cut different lengths to reach deck joists. Once you’ve figured out how long the decking will need, you can begin spacing the boards evenly. Use spaces to add efficiency and maintain proper spacing. You’ll also want to think about the appearance of the decking because uneven spacing will make it look shabby.